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Connectivity Solutions – The exchange of data is becoming more and more critical every day. As a small company grows the need to communicate becomes greater. Connectivity Solutions are catered to each individual customer. Many small businesses require some of the same functionality as larger corporations. Remote computing is become a necessity in any size business. The Internet makes it easy to stay in touch with your office no matter where you may be. Microsoft Windows based networks make any type of communication in your office easier.

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Microsoft Windows Server Components are designed to give the small business many of the components of larger networks. Key components that many small businesses use are:

For a more detailed look at the Microsoft Windows Server components including case studies and white papers please visit the Microsoft Windows Server site.

Internet Connectivity - Many businesses are look to the Internet for communications and information. Broadband Internet connections have opened up many new options for small businesses. With its always on connection small businesses can now appear on the Internet as much larger businesses. To find out more, contact us.

Servers & Workstations - We work with all major vendors to provide servers and workstations for our customers. With current pricing on major branded ready to go servers and workstations it doesn't make sense to buy hand built equipment from local computer stores at a premium price.

Internet Hosting - Our network is running all of the same equipment that we recommend to our customers. A Cisco Systems 2951ISR router handles our connection to the Internet, VPN connections and VoIP phone system, while a Cisco 3560X-48P-E managed switch keeps all of the network equipment talking to one another. The web server and mail server are IBM X System 3650 M3 rack optimized servers, while DNS and mail filtering are handled by VMWare virtual servers on IBM X System 3650 M3s.


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